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Logging Your First Food

Nutritionix Track is the fastest and easiest way to accurately track your food intake. Powered by our comprehensive verified nutrition database, the Track app makes it possible to log your foods in seconds.

Basic Logging Workflow:

How to add Foods to Your Basket:

There are two approaches for finding foods to add to your Basket: the Optimized Search Bar and the +Track button.

Using the search bar at the top of your screen, you can search across multiple food categories – Restaurant Foods, Grocery Foods, Common Foods, and History – all from one location. Or, click the barcode icon on the right of the search bar to quickly log a packaged food:

The optimized search bar is also equipped with our predictive search. Before you even start searching for foods, the predictive search suggests food that you typically eat around that time. The more you keep up with logging your foods, the more the predictive search feature learns about your food preferences.

Press the green +Track button at the bottom of your screen to access Freeform mode as well as the Restaurant, Grocery, and History search tabs. These tabs let you search more specifically within the food category of interest.

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