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Q: How do I log an exercise?

A: To log an exercise, click on the green “+” to the right of the Exercise section on the Dashboard. Here, you can type or speak your workout details freely, and the app will do the rest of the work for you! 

For example, you can say “I burned 500 calories swimming” or “Ran 3 miles” or even "45-minute spin class". 

If you have an activity tracker or know the specific amount of calories you burned, you can also say “Burned 300 calories”. These calories burned will appear in your food log under "General Workout".

To determine how we calculate calories burned, check out our FAQ post:

Once you begin to log exercises, Track will start to learn your recent exercises. These exercises are displayed above the ‘Save’ button. To quickly log a recent exercise, click on the “+” symbol to the right of the exercise.

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